Wholesale Inquiry

We offer quality microgreens grown custom for your local restaurant, café, or catering company. Connect with us today and give us a try! We offer free samples for you to taste the quality for yourself.


  • KNOW YOUR FARMER The slow food movement is here and we believe the relationship with your farmer is the closest thing you can get to farm fresh quality minus the gimmick. We are local farmers that you can trust, backed by a solid handshake and our consistent dedication to quality.
  • EXCLUSIVE PRICING By becoming our Wholesale Partner, you gain access to our exclusive pricing and you're the first to hear about new offerings.
  • INCOMPARABLE QUALITY Non-GMO, Organic and/or heirloom seeds and Organic Farming Practices ensure top-notch flavor.
  • FREE DELIVERY Your freshly harvested microgreens will be brought to you. It's that simple.
  • HIGH GROWING CAPACITY Our MicroFarm has a growing capacity of ~60+ lbs. of microgreens weekly, making us an easy choice for bulk ordering.
  • CUSTOMIZED GROWING We have a wide array of microgreen seed options and aim to exceed your expectations by growing custom to suit your culinary needs.
  • MENU PAIRING As a complimentary benefit to you, we work with our partners to lend our expertise in microgreens to offer food pairing recommendations.


Curious about pricing or want to schedule a time to sit down and talk about our custom growing? Contact Chris Owen at 812-204-4542 or shoot us a message.