Along with fresh microgreen subscriptions, we offer access to Frontier Co-op through our Home Delivery Subscription giving our subscribers access to over 10,000 non-perishable goods at wholesale prices at 30-50% off retail price! We will deliver straight to your door with a subscription. We charge a flat 15% fee on your order total to cover the sales taxes on your order and operational costs of labor for sorting goods into individual orders.


SUNDAY, 7/17/22 BY 12PM CST


You will automatically receive an invitation to your email once you've subscribed to our Home Delivery service. Please note, it may take up to 24-48 hours for your email invite to arrive from Frontier Co-Op to join. (Be sure to check spam/clutter/junk folder.) If you have any issues, please let us know! You must join our buying club using the link in the email from Frontier within a week of your initial request or you will have to email us to for a new invitation.


Welcome to the Cheshire Curiosities Co-Op, a local Evansville co-op in partnership with Frontier, giving you access to wholesale prices on over 10,000 natural products from bulk spices, pantry goods, hygiene products and so much more!


Step 1 - CHECK YOUR EMAIL (INVITE WILL BE SENT WITHIN 48 HRS) Set up your free account with Frontier Co-Op using the 'Get Started' link in your invite email. Fill out the 'Join a Buying Club' form. You will want to make sure all of your information is correct as this is the same information I may use to contact you in the future. If you do not join our buyer’s club within a week, you will have to re-register. If this occurs, please contact us.

Step 2 - SHOP, SHOP, SHOP Be sure to check out the available new products, monthly specials and featured brands. (Some items give additional deeper discounts for buying in Bulk, so pay close attention so you don't miss a good sale.) Add the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart. Your order should show as a Draft under status until you 'Approve' your order. Once it's approved, on the designated day of order cutoff, we will batch our entire group order. 

Step 3 - APPROVE YOUR ORDER Any orders not placed in 'Approve' status by the cut off will remain in your cart as a Draft until you’re ready to order. Please do not make any changes AFTER the group order cutoff. If at any time BEFORE the monthly cutoff you need to update your order, you may go into your account and add items. If you have accidentally clicked 'Approved' but aren't done shopping or decide to add items last-minute, click 'Continue Shopping' to add more items. It will go back to Draft status and you will need to re-approve your order. 

Step 4 - PAY ORDER ON VENMO Once you've approved your order, please pay for your items via Venmo using this link. Enter the exact amount of your order plus 15%. For example, an order of $100 would be $115 delivered. (Take $100 x 1.15 = $115). Don't have Venmo? It's free to join**IMPORTANT: Add your name to the NOTE section on Venmo so we know whose payment we've received.**

Step 5 - WE DELIVER The group order all comes as one. We will be responsible for inspecting and hand sorting your order. Your Frontier goods will be delivered to you with your next microgreen delivery date.


What is a co-op exactly?

A buying club is a group of people comprised of individuals, families or organizations ordering collectively to receive wholesale prices. Members share opinions and learn about products from each other, while reducing packaging and carbon emissions through consolidated packing and shipping.

How do I join?

You must be a customer of our Home Delivery Subscription to access our exclusive buying co-op. You will automatically receive an email invitation within 48 hours of joining our subscription.

Does this co-op cost?

Currently, our co-op has a 15% fee. There is no membership fee, you only pay when you place an order. The orders we place as a group will arrive together and your order will be sorted for you.

What is next order cutoff date?

Order cutoff will always be listed on our website and you will receive email notifications to remind you of the cutoff dates. Keep in mind all orders must be approved by 12pm CST or your order will not be included in that month's group shipment. If you need assistance adding items to your order or for product questions, please call Frontier Co-Op at 1.800.669.3275.  They're available Mon-Fri 7a-6pm CST.

Who can join? 

Anyone who has a Home Delivery Subscription

When is payment due?

Payment through Venmo is required no later than the cutoff date. Any orders marked Approved but left unpaid by the cutoff will not be submitted with the group order.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no individual minimum order amount requirement and no monthly commitment. Please note that the entire group order must have a total of $250 in order to receive the free shipping. If one month we do not meet this amount, we will email everyone and refund their Venmo payment. We don't expect this to occur often but will communicate promptly should this occur.

When will my order arrive?

Orders are sent out via FedEx Ground to us with an approximate 1-5 business day turn-around time. Please keep in mind this an approximate delivery time. Once orders are received and sorted, they will be included in your next Home Delivery right to your door.

What happens if some products are out of stock by Frontier?

At times, some items may become out of stock. We will refund any out of stock goods plus the appropriate 15% fee for any out of stock goods back to your Venmo account once we have sorted and taken inventory of items received.

What is the return policy on Frontier Co-Op products?

Please visit Frontier’s website for their complete Return Policy. Note that if a product is being returned, it's best to contact Customer Service to begin the refund process. Member is responsible to pay return shipping charges. Cheshire Curiosities, the designated co-op organizer, will not be handling the shipping back of any items. This would be the responsibility of the member to contact Frontier directly.