Microgreen Benefits

Until now microgreens may not have been taken seriously as a substantial, beneficial food source but that has been to our detriment which has started to change for the better. As more people grow their own microgreens and extras to sell within their local communities, we will all be able to benefit from these nutritionally packed mini vegetables.

With a source of fresh microgreens readily available we will not only be able to eat healthier but also add diversity to our otherwise, sometimes mundane diets. As the scientists discover an increasing number of healthy benefits microgreens can offer, chefs are just as busy discovering more meals they can be added to in order to offer more nutritious meals.

Microgreens, by their nature, are of course relatively small however, ounce for ounce they are possibly one of the most beneficial foods available today. With hundreds of different types to choose from meals no longer need to seem repetitive in order to be nutritious, plus of course they can add color to an otherwise drab looking meal.

  • Microgreens contain 4-40x more nutrients than their mature counterparts! View the study.
  • Red cabbage microgreens contain a variety of anthocyanins which have been reported to alter metabolic markers and inflammatory markers in cells, animals and humans. View the study.
  • Microgreens have a higher anti-diabetic and anti-cholinergic activity than sprouts. View the study.