Integrity in Quality

We believe that INTEGRITY is the heartbeat in all we do here at Cheshire Curiosities MicroFarm + Homestead. That means we pour our heart and soul into bringing you superb quality consistently. Our commitment to your health and the earth's is evident through our sustainability initiatives, environmental mindfulness practices and our heart for homesteading. 

How do we do that?

  • ServSafe Certified We are ServSafe Certified and our Food Handling Complies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Code (Law) to Ensure Public Safety.
  • Water Purification Watering is pH Balanced and has been Filtered with GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) and a 20-Micron Sediment Filter to Remove Impurities such as Chlorine, Sediments and Other Harmful Contaminants.
  • Organic Practices Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is Our Chosen Algicide, Disinfectant and Sanitizer Approved by the FDA for Organic Farming. Our Selection of Coconut Coir, our Ocean Nutrients, and the use of Non-GMO, Certified Organic Seeds are all either OMRI Verified or Organic Certified.
  • Health Consciousness We Care About Your Health so we use only BPA-Free Growing Trays, BPA-Free Food-Grade Buckets and BPA-Free Packaging.
  • Environmentally Mindful/Sustainability Efforts At our MicroFarm, we Collect Rain Water in our Rain Barrels for our Outdoor Farming along with implementing Vermicomposting Techniques using the Soil Waste from Harvested Microgreen Trays. Once Composted, the Worm Casting act as a Natural Fertilizer to our Garden.
  • Thoughtful Packaging We use Biodegradable, Compostable Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags, Clear Recyclable Containers, Made with up to 30% Post-Consumer Content (Made in The USA); Reusable Bags for Home Delivery.
  • Sanitary Grow Room Our Grow Room has a Food-Grade, Non-Porous Wall Backsplash and a Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Prep Table. All our Harvesting is Inspected and Harvested by Hand with Latex-Free, Nitrile Gloves.
  • Hyper Local, Fresh Microgreens Our Motto is 'Harvest to Homes' Meaning Your Order is Grown Custom and Produce is Ready for Pick-Up often the same day it is Harvested unlike Store-Bought Produce which Sits on Grocery Store Shelves for Days Losing Nutritional Vitality.