About Our Company

We are the Owen family, a husband and wife duo who co-own Cheshire Curiosities MicroFarm + Homestead located in Evansville, Indiana. Chris and Shannon Owen, a newlywed couple, are passionate for bringing vitally nutritious and delicious greens to Evansville and beyond. We believe that health is wealth and people are important. Together we run our vertical, hydroponic farm. In 2020, we converted our basement to a commercial grow room with a heart for developing nutrient-dense food in this area by growing microgreens! With this newfound focus, we began a mission to feed our community by bringing healthy options to our local region.
After Chris left his career in IT and Management, he launched head-first into full time farming. He is the 'Microgreen Master' on the MicroFarm, having honed in his skills in the fine art of Microgreen Feng Shui. He is in charge of our Home Delivery Subscription deliveries and wholesale relations. Shannon is the 'Social Media Aficionado' for our business, in charge of online content, anything website related as well as the behind-the-scenes invoicing. She works full time in the travel industry. She has always had a heart to homestead and upon traveling around the world came to love the beautiful vibrancy of local farmer's markets, especially the open-air markets in Italy. Together, they developed a passion to solve nutrient-scarcity problems with viable nutrition and education about the benefits of this amazing superfood. So here they are ready to change the world, one microgreen at a time. Find us at the farmer's market, we'd love to meet you!
The name Cheshire Curiosities was inspired by Chris' best friend, Brent, who passed away at a young age. In honor of his legacy, we wanted our business to mirror his belief that doing right by others is the way this world should be and we operate our business with that same integrity. We grow microgreens on this same standard of belief: THE GOLDEN RULE (You treat others as you would want to be treated). We just love our community. What better way to show that than by bringing vegetable confetti to you!
We look forward to meeting you personally,
Chris & Shannon Owen